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Reducing your



We can show you how our system has helped many big companys tackle their biggest inventory issues.

  • 10 ways to improve your productivity
  • Make an appointment with an inventory expert

  • Industrial vending benefits:

    Reduce consumption:

  • Stop waste,fraud theft and abuse
  • Unmanned 24/7 controlled access
  • Accountability, track usage by job, department, employee
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs:

  • Move to demand based ordering
  • ´

    Cut costs on new items:

  • Force use of reconditioned items before allowing to new items
  • OH&S item management:

  • Track testing dates, don´t issue item if it is out of date
  • Ensure correct tool calibration
  • Reduce and eliminate stock-outs:

  • Cut costs on unnecessary urgent shipments
  • Cut costs on carrying duplicate items

  • AIM Inventory is the premier AutoCrib distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

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